Welcome to the Donation page of ‘The Common Lands of Rotherham Charity’

We are grateful for donations, of any value, that you may care to give. Whatever is received goes directly to our funds to help support Rotherham people, whether that is through our Doles/Social provision or one of our educational scholarships or Apprenticeship aw

We are pleased to accept ‘one-off’ single donations or, should you wish to make a regular contribution, we would be happy for you to set up a more regular donation via standing order, on the basis of any of monthly/quarterly/half yearly or annual contributions. We have prepared forms for both of these types of donation, and to access them please click HERE for single one-off donations and HERE for regular donations.

Irrespective of the amount you would be willing to donate, and irrespective of whether it is a single or regular donation, it would really benefit us if you were willing to Gift Aid your contribution. Gift Aiding is only available to official and registered charities in the UK, of which The Common Lands of Rotherham permits us to claim a further 25% of your contribution from HMRC. You need to be a United Kingdom tax payer for us, and you, to benefit from this facility. If you pay a higher rate of tax than the basic 20% rate then you can, personally, recover tax back; this being the difference between your highest personal tax rate and the basic rate. This can benefit you by either 15% or 20%. Whatever your tax rate you should indicate any amount you give to our, or any charity, on your annual tax return

Donations can be made in the following ways.

1) In cash at a bank. Our bank is Virgin Money, (formerly Yorkshire Bank) Rotherham Branch Our Account number is 22147721 and the sort code is 30-00-56.The official account name is ‘The Common Lands of Rotherham Charity’.

2) By cheque, either direct into the account as detailed in point 1 or by post to the following address:

c/o Wood Lea.
66 Moorgate,
S60 2AU.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘The Common Lands of Rotherham’.

3) You can also begin the donation process by using our widget below, where you can use your Credit or Debit card to make a donation. This widget takes you through to our account with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) which operates this automated giving page on our behalf.

CAF was chosen to host our automated giving page because it is a charity itself. Whilst many people have heard of organisations such as ‘Just Giving’, which provide a similar service, all such similar organisations, charge a fee for providing the service. However, as most of these organisations are privately owned and operate to make a profit, CAF, although charging the same level of fee as others, being a charitable non-profit organisation, these fees go directly into their own charity. On accessing the CAF giving page you will see our Charity name, ‘The Common Lands of Rotherham’, and there is a clear explanation of the ways you can make your donation

Irrespective of which method you would prefer to use your donation is valuable to us and we are extremely grateful. All donations will be acknowledged, unless you make an anonymity request.

For further information of the areas where we help with our giving, please explore the other areas of this website. Should you require further information, on any aspect of those things we do, feel free to e-mail us on: 

"non nobis sed omnibus – not for us but for everyone"

Rotherham Feoffees

is a registered charity (no. 223050)